Latest new product and system. Patented.


Hercules is the latest generation of the solar shading system, which, in a single product has resistance, beauty, functionality and security, ideal to cover surfaces of large dimensions.

It is made with Inox Steel and Aluminium, excellent material with a very long life.

The system is entirely motorised with electric actuators integrated in the lateral guides.

The solar shading system Hercules places itself in the international market as an alternative of high aesthetic and functional level compared to the common sunblind and it is suitable for every architectural context.


The solar shading system Hercules has been designed and made with materials and technologies with a very long life span, with the ability to guarantee its use in extreme weather conditions including strong winds.

These technical characteristics make it ideal for places with extreme variations of temperature and the combination between wind force and sun is frequent,like in sea places, reducing maintenance costs.
The system is designed for use in all weather conditions including high winds, rainstorms and snow.


Thanks to the solar shading system Hercules, you can select the amount of light for your premises with electric motors inserted in the lateral guides.

This allows to improve the habitability of your spaces both in summer and winter, being in line with the new requirements of bioclimatic architecture.
Hercules can be activated by radio control and keyboard ; it can be completely integrated with domotic systems, with alarm systems and for this reason it allows you to live your home and spaces in complete safety.


With the solar shading system Hercules, the total architectural personalisation of the building can be achieved, and it is suitable for every architectural context, both residential and industrial.

Hercules is totally personalisable in shapes and colours, so you can represent every graphic effect through advanced systems of painting or microperforation, to give a modern look to every building.